This course will enable you to:

  • Understand the steps to emotional health and literacy
  • Explore theoretical and practical ways to build emotional health in the classroom and beyond
  • Focus on PSHE Education’s role in achieving better emotional health and literacy
  • Recognise the contribution that mindfulness can make to improving children’s learning capacity and emotional health
  • Build a toolkit of ideas to try
  • Feel more confident and competent in promoting emotional literacy every day

Hi, I’m Joanna. Welcome to my school.

Hello! I'm Joanna and I live and breathe well-being. There are so many confusing and confused messages about health and well-being available, and I wanted to show that it's really simple and straightforward: you can look after your health and well-being without getting side-tracked by fuss and faff!

I teach professional and personal development courses, simple and effective exercise classes, and a range of health-related events for people who value their well-being and want to know more.

I am an experienced teacher, trainer and education consultant and coach. I have taught and observed teaching and learning in over 750 educational settings in my 20-year career, and have taught over 1500 hours of face-to-face and online classes.

My course on Emotional Literacy in the Classroom will transform the way you teach and how you understand children. It is fascinating, insightful and practical.

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Emotional Literacy in the Classroom

Your toolkit to building emotional health in the classroom and beyond

Imagine a classroom where everyone communicates effectively, where learning is joyful and where everyone feels welcome.

This course offers a wealth of ideas, tips and techniques to take away in a handy toolkit that will help your learning environment become emotionally literate and healthy.

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